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One Father, One Family, One Mission.

Our desire, by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the power of the Fathers love, and the Truth of the Gospel, is to break down cultural, social, denominational, and any other divisive boundaries created by the flesh or the enemy and in its place build a unified foundation for the body of Christ and its young people.

We believe in complete, inclusive unity of the body of Christ and the value of its  many parts.

Our mission is to raise up a generation of youth operating in perfect unity and dedicated to spreading the fire of the Holy Spirit to ignite our homes, schools, communities, and nation for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.





One Mission

Pilot Youth Ministries currently operates under the covering of Oak Grove Church

Team Pilot

Ronnie Boulanger III
Allie Osborne
Caio Bonaparte
Christine Bonaparte
Taylor Boulanger

(203) 490 - 5659


613 Madison Street

Port Saint Joe, FL  32456

P.O. 967

Port Saint Joe, FL 32457

 2017 Pilot Youth Ministries

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