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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child old enough to join Pilot Youth Ministry?

The Pilot Youth Ministry Progam is the teenage and young adult progam hosted by Oak Grove Church. This Program is for young people between 7th and 12th grade. The age bracket we are targeting is roughly ages 12/13+. If you have questions or comments concering your child's eligibility please contact us! Sunday Night Pilot Youth: 12/13+ Wednesday Boys and Girls Group: 7th grade minimum

How can I help?

First off thank you so much for you willingness to support our youth! Our largest mission is to reach young people and share with them the Gospel. The most valuable way to help is to spread the word and invite teens to join our program. Additionally please Join Our Family to recieve updates, event details, and further information concerning our programs.

Does my child have to attend Oak Grove Church in order to be a member of Pilot Youth Ministry?

Absolutely not! We do encourage our youth and their parents to become members of a local bible based church. However, Pilot Youth Ministry strives to provide an environment welcome to youth from any denominational background or otherwise.

Important Documents

Media Release Form:

This form allows your child to be included in photographs, video, and other media otherwise produced by Pilot Youth Ministries.



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